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Its Time to Leave the Nest… Well Almost

Drained! 11.18.2009

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Its only three days into this teaching gig and I’m exhausted and I’m not even planning full days! I am loving it though. Its a lot of work but most of the time the rewards are huge. Except for our epic fail health lesson today. The other student teacher and I planned it together and we only had 4 girls to teach to but it still did not go well. The topics go way over their head… lets just say its a veeeeery long hour. Hopefully next week it gets better. Neither of us got down about it though, we just have some new plans to try next week.

So far I’ve taught health, art, gym, and started a month long novel study. What a nutso 3 days!

Tonight I don’t have anything to plan I did my math lesson for tomorrow last night so I’m good to go! A little bit of prep in the morning and I’ll be ready.

For my birthday at the end of October I got a sewing machine. I love it and have made a few things already. I’ve started venturing into making stuffed animals… I haven’t had a chance to do anymore in the last couple weeks due to finals and starting teaching but I’m hoping to find some time soon.


He was my first attempt, I made the pattern myself and threw him together in about an hour.
It was also my first time doing anything other than a straight line on the sewing machine.

This is Hedgie the pincushion. All my pins were in a container and kept poking me.
I decided I needed a pincushion that WASN’T a tomato.
So I designed Hedgie.

This is my second Hedgie. The first one looked more like a mouse.

I have a list of projects (sewing and non sewing) that I want to do and I even made a little book to keep track of them all. I’ve started an awesome mini-scrapbook to keep track of all my projects. My next post will give you some more detail about that but here’s a sneak peek.

That’s all for now!