Fly Baby Bird Fly!

Its Time to Leave the Nest… Well Almost

A Teensy Bit About Me 3.2.2008

Okay, so I’m pretty much just copying this from my Facebook profile. However, its a pretty good summary of me. At least in my opinion!

I’m a bit of a granny, I think. I like to knit, fall asleep on couches and do puzzles.
I’ll cook every now and again and attempt to bake gluten free goodies (usally without much success).
I like to be organized and thus have an addiction to post-it notes.
Being active is good. Running (slowly), dodgeball, tennis and the odd bit of yoga/pilates are my choices.
I’m going to actually ride my bike once the snow melts, I swear!

I am on my way to being an Elementary Special Education teacher!
Giraffes are clearly the most superior animal in the world and if pink giraffes existed they would rule the planet.
I like knowing random facts or knowing about things in general. This, I guess makes me a bit of a know-it-all.
Health related topics catch my attention almost as much as psychology related ones…

When it comes to TV you can catch me watching ER, Gilmore Girls (these two shows are my absolute favorites! ER has been an obsession since I was about 9) House, Bones, Criminal Minds, Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, The Office (American), Cold Case, the Law and Orders, Little People, Big World, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Nanny, Corner Gas, Grace Under Fire, Last Ten Pounds Boot Camp, medical shows on TLC are quite nifty as well, Sue Thomas: FBeye, Scrubs, Medium, One Tree Hill, Deadwood, Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Private Practice, Reba, Rome, Sex and the City, Third Watch, True Blood, Freaks and Geeks,
So clearly I watch more TV than I should!

I am a bookworm. Or at least I used to be before school TOOK OVER my life! This summer I read I’m sure 30 books. I can’t wait for this summer so I can do that again and hopefully more. I worked in a library for 3 years so I always had access to books. I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love to read. That is something I plan to pass on to my kids and I currently read with a few kids at a nearby school to help pass on reading! I really don’t think I would be where I am in school today and acheive the grades I do without the amount I read as a kid. Literacy Rocks! So I’ll spare you the long list of my favorite books. And in case anyone is wondering I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook’s iRead application finding all the books i’ve read. I was somewhere around 700 before I gave up. And that doesn’t even include all the books I can’t remember reading as a child. I started reading when I was 6. So in the last 14 years I’ve read an average of 50+ books. And the last couple years were definitely not my prime reading years. That’s crazy! (Sorry I just figured this out right now and it’s cool!)

I’m not going to bother with movies. I’m not a huge movie lover, they just don’t keep my attention for long enough. If you really want to know a few of my favorites just ask!

Okay well I guess this is a lot for you to read just about me. I’m being selfish now!


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