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The Book of Lists 11.23.2009

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I have been following along with Jamaica’s Book of List Project. I love the idea and although I’m not using one of the books she made (not sure if that’s a requirement) I still thought I’d post my lists. Its been a while since she’s posted a new list idea so hopefully the project keeps going!

List 1. Would-Be TV Couples
(Hard to read)
“TV’s Bathroom Stall of  Love (High School Style)”
1. Joey and Pacey- Dawson’s Creek
2. Addison and Pete- Private Practice
3. Booth and Bones- Bones
4. Robin and Barney- HIMYM
5. Izzie and Alex- Grey’s
6. Sookie and Eric- True Blood
(Keep in mind I’m more than a few season’s behind on most of these shows!)

List 2. Pick a Colour and Document Everything in Your House You Find in that Colour
I chose orange!

List 3. Pet Peeves
I’ll work on getting a better picture so you can actually read it!

My lists aren’t as fancy as some of the people who post theirs but I love making lists and it gives me yet another way to be a little creative and relieve stress!


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