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Its Time to Leave the Nest… Well Almost

Where has the weekend gone? 11.22.2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Kristi @ 10:14 pm

I can’t believe its almost Monday again. The weekend disappeared way too fast.
I went wedding dress shopping today. I was dreading it but it turned out to be a lot of fun.
The price of dresses is outrageous…. I found a perfect one but definitely not perfect in the price department.
We are going to be sewing something similar which will be a great adventure. I don’t want to post too many details about the dress as my fiance has the link to this site 😉

Onto week 2 of student teaching. I am enjoying it but will glad to be getting my life back in three weeks. I also get my fiance back as he will be done his last round of schooling! Happy happy times. All we do these days is study and lesson planning and go to bed early on Fridays…its like we are a *gasp* old married couple. Haha.

Have a great Monday!


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