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What’s Hot- What’s Not! 11.18.2009

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I just found a Wednesday “What’s Hot, What’s Not” meme and I’m going to try and play along as often as I can.

What’s Hot

3 days of record breaking warm weather- we’ve been hitting 13 degrees (Celcius) for the last three days. Normally our snow is mid calf by now and temperatures in the negatives teens. Makes morning playground supervision much better!

Doing 20 minutes of Wii Fit- I woke up extra early to make sure I used my Wii Fit this morning. I was on it for around 20 minutes! Go me!

Making sugar cookies- I found  a super good, super easy recipe at the Hillbilly Housewife. The were all eaten with 20 minutes of leaving the oven. My fiance just declared them the best sugar cookies he’s ever had!

Naps– I would not be awake right now if I didn’t have that 20 minute nap.

What’s Not

Awful mindblowing stomach cramps after lunch- I was starting to feel I wouldn’t be able to finish out the day but they did eventually pass.

Early mornings- I’m still not quite used to them.

Unruly gym classes- I don’t appreciate when my student yell non stop, whip beanbags at each others head and kick soccer balls into faces.

Check out Loobylu for others who have posted on this week’s “What’s Hot- What’s Not”




3 Responses to “What’s Hot- What’s Not!”

  1. Anne Says:

    Just popping by to say Hi from Loobylu’s What’s Hot post. Have already jumped over to Hillbilly Housewife to get the recipe for those biscuits – couldn’t resist, they sound so yummy!

    I had my first go on a Wii the other day – played ten-pin bowling against my (adult) son and totally blew him away with my technique. I don’t think I’ll be invited back to play for a while 🙂

  2. Ange Says:

    ooh, sugar cookies. Yum …

  3. Oh this is a great feature! Kinda like a gratitude list 🙂

    I’m going to check out the sugar cookie recipe, thanks for the link!

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