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Yoda Soda! 11.14.2009

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Last night we watched Star Wars Episode 1 and 2 with our friends.

We made delicious pizza, ate a ton of candy and learned that Yoda Sodas are better with less tequila as opposed to more…. It was a great way to celebrate finishing my finals. I’m now heading into four weeks of student teaching starting on Monday. I was at the school for a week in October and I’m eager to head back.

I’ve been working more on organizing my craft stuff (there is a lot of it) and various little projects. I’ll post some pictures of all that tomorrow.

Right now I’m off to snuggle up and watch a movie…we have the inexplicable feeling that today Sunday and need to do something to make it feel like Saturday. What better way than a movie!




Clearly, I’ve had some fun with Picnik!


2 Responses to “Yoda Soda!”

  1. Gill Says:

    that pizza looks yummy……..I hope you had a relaxing Sunday.

    Gill in Southern Ontario

  2. Yumm! Sounds like a fun evening! Congrats on finishing your finals 🙂

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