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Its Time to Leave the Nest… Well Almost

The Book of Lists 11.23.2009

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I have been following along with Jamaica’s Book of List Project. I love the idea and although I’m not using one of the books she made (not sure if that’s a requirement) I still thought I’d post my lists. Its been a while since she’s posted a new list idea so hopefully the project keeps going!

List 1. Would-Be TV Couples
(Hard to read)
“TV’s Bathroom Stall of  Love (High School Style)”
1. Joey and Pacey- Dawson’s Creek
2. Addison and Pete- Private Practice
3. Booth and Bones- Bones
4. Robin and Barney- HIMYM
5. Izzie and Alex- Grey’s
6. Sookie and Eric- True Blood
(Keep in mind I’m more than a few season’s behind on most of these shows!)

List 2. Pick a Colour and Document Everything in Your House You Find in that Colour
I chose orange!

List 3. Pet Peeves
I’ll work on getting a better picture so you can actually read it!

My lists aren’t as fancy as some of the people who post theirs but I love making lists and it gives me yet another way to be a little creative and relieve stress!


Sore Abs

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My abs and arms are very sore at the moment.
My day included doing planks, mountain climbers, jumping jacks and jackknifes with 4th through 6th graders for half an hour.
Needless to say I did not use the Wii Fit tonight and I think that’s okay!


Where has the weekend gone? 11.22.2009

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I can’t believe its almost Monday again. The weekend disappeared way too fast.
I went wedding dress shopping today. I was dreading it but it turned out to be a lot of fun.
The price of dresses is outrageous…. I found a perfect one but definitely not perfect in the price department.
We are going to be sewing something similar which will be a great adventure. I don’t want to post too many details about the dress as my fiance has the link to this site 😉

Onto week 2 of student teaching. I am enjoying it but will glad to be getting my life back in three weeks. I also get my fiance back as he will be done his last round of schooling! Happy happy times. All we do these days is study and lesson planning and go to bed early on Fridays…its like we are a *gasp* old married couple. Haha.

Have a great Monday!


What’s Hot- What’s Not! 11.18.2009

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I just found a Wednesday “What’s Hot, What’s Not” meme and I’m going to try and play along as often as I can.

What’s Hot

3 days of record breaking warm weather- we’ve been hitting 13 degrees (Celcius) for the last three days. Normally our snow is mid calf by now and temperatures in the negatives teens. Makes morning playground supervision much better!

Doing 20 minutes of Wii Fit- I woke up extra early to make sure I used my Wii Fit this morning. I was on it for around 20 minutes! Go me!

Making sugar cookies- I found  a super good, super easy recipe at the Hillbilly Housewife. The were all eaten with 20 minutes of leaving the oven. My fiance just declared them the best sugar cookies he’s ever had!

Naps– I would not be awake right now if I didn’t have that 20 minute nap.

What’s Not

Awful mindblowing stomach cramps after lunch- I was starting to feel I wouldn’t be able to finish out the day but they did eventually pass.

Early mornings- I’m still not quite used to them.

Unruly gym classes- I don’t appreciate when my student yell non stop, whip beanbags at each others head and kick soccer balls into faces.

Check out Loobylu for others who have posted on this week’s “What’s Hot- What’s Not”





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Its only three days into this teaching gig and I’m exhausted and I’m not even planning full days! I am loving it though. Its a lot of work but most of the time the rewards are huge. Except for our epic fail health lesson today. The other student teacher and I planned it together and we only had 4 girls to teach to but it still did not go well. The topics go way over their head… lets just say its a veeeeery long hour. Hopefully next week it gets better. Neither of us got down about it though, we just have some new plans to try next week.

So far I’ve taught health, art, gym, and started a month long novel study. What a nutso 3 days!

Tonight I don’t have anything to plan I did my math lesson for tomorrow last night so I’m good to go! A little bit of prep in the morning and I’ll be ready.

For my birthday at the end of October I got a sewing machine. I love it and have made a few things already. I’ve started venturing into making stuffed animals… I haven’t had a chance to do anymore in the last couple weeks due to finals and starting teaching but I’m hoping to find some time soon.


He was my first attempt, I made the pattern myself and threw him together in about an hour.
It was also my first time doing anything other than a straight line on the sewing machine.

This is Hedgie the pincushion. All my pins were in a container and kept poking me.
I decided I needed a pincushion that WASN’T a tomato.
So I designed Hedgie.

This is my second Hedgie. The first one looked more like a mouse.

I have a list of projects (sewing and non sewing) that I want to do and I even made a little book to keep track of them all. I’ve started an awesome mini-scrapbook to keep track of all my projects. My next post will give you some more detail about that but here’s a sneak peek.

That’s all for now!



Yoda Soda! 11.14.2009

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Last night we watched Star Wars Episode 1 and 2 with our friends.

We made delicious pizza, ate a ton of candy and learned that Yoda Sodas are better with less tequila as opposed to more…. It was a great way to celebrate finishing my finals. I’m now heading into four weeks of student teaching starting on Monday. I was at the school for a week in October and I’m eager to head back.

I’ve been working more on organizing my craft stuff (there is a lot of it) and various little projects. I’ll post some pictures of all that tomorrow.

Right now I’m off to snuggle up and watch a movie…we have the inexplicable feeling that today Sunday and need to do something to make it feel like Saturday. What better way than a movie!




Clearly, I’ve had some fun with Picnik!


Fresh Paint! 11.12.2009

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My life has changed drastically since my last post. What’s different:

1. I’m engaged and planning a wedding for 07.31.2010 (8 1/2 months away!)
2. I’m nearing the end of my Elementary/Special Education Degree.

Okay I guess those are the only big changes.

My blog will be a mash of my wedding planning, house planning and planning for the future.
Organization is my big downfall and I want to be organized in my brand new life with my wonderful guy.
I’ve gotten pretty crafty and intend to make a lot of things to help with the organization/new life thing.
Expect pictures, lots of pictures.
Don’t expect me to be dedicated to posting about one certain thing.
I’ve got a lot planned, a lot to do and just under a year to do it in.
I’ll be adding a page with a list of projects I have in mind and will update it frequently.

So hopefully you’ll get a kick of following along on my journey into the “real world”!